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Learn more about Blissful Birth Doula Services and get to know Brianne Bell
Find out what is a birth doula, why you should use a birth doula, and our birth doula package.
Find out what is a postpartum doula, why you should use a postpartum doula and our postpartum doula package.
“Words can't fully express how thankful I am for you and your support in preparation of [our baby's] birth, then again at her birth. You were so constanly affirming, reassuring, and respectful of my values, wishes, and desires. This birth was such a healing experience for me, and you played such a huge part in that. I think this has greatly impacted my post partum recovery - I feel great! Like me. Not a shred of post partum depression - just so positive and good :) What a blessing. Thankyou."
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Blissful Birth Doula Services

Brianne Bell, CD(DONA)

Phone: 604.346.5202

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